About QIAS

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Qortoba Institute for Arabic Studies (QIAS) is one of the most reputable centers established in Egypt for studying Arabic language as well as Quran and Islamic studies to foreign students from all over the world.
Qortoba Institute is carefully selected for not only knowledge and experience but also interpersonal skills to offer students the best learning experience.
QIAS have three branches across Egypt, as well as an on-line teaching section designed specifically for those who are unable to travel.
QIAS have fully-qualified teachers, who are required to hold a degree in the Arabic language and also in the Islamic science. Our teachers use unique teaching methods, where students are taught solely using the Arabic language from day one. Ongoing quizzes are used to monitor the progress of students in addition to the final exams at the end of each level.
Dedicated students can expect to achieve a generally fluent level of speaking, reading and comprehension of the Arabic language within a few months of studying.


Qortoba Institute for Arabic Studies has years of proven experience in the field of facilitating the acquisition of the Arabic language to students from all over the world. With over a decade of expertise and familiarity in teaching the Arabic language, Qortoba definitely stands out from the crowd. With many other Arabic language centres located in Egypt, our adherence to a superior methodology and distinctive teaching style make us unique and gives us the advantage of delivering a higher quality service and implementing more advanced teaching system to our students.

Our vision

Our vision is to increase and expand the usage and understanding of the Arabic language on a global scale. We aim to achieve this by not only delivering a very high standard of instruction to our students and ensure they have an excellent grounding in all aspects of the Arabic language, but also to empower our students to go to even further lengths giving them the ability and confidence to go back to their home countries and be able to pass on the knowledge they have acquired to others and further increase the attachment to the Arabic language.

Our teachers

Our teachers are experts at what they do, we go to great lengths to ensure you have only the best teaching instructors at your disposal during and throughout your time with us, our teachers are highly experienced, qualified, motivated and target driven, determined to give their very best with every student in every lesson.
Drawing on both tried and tested traditional methods and modern research and advances our teaching staff are empowered to make it as easy as possible to achieve the highest level you are able to during your time with us and really get to grips with the Arabic language.

Our students

Our students are not just seen as mere customers like in so many other institutes here in Egypt, rather, all our students are a vital component in achieving our goals.
The most important part of Qortoba is our students and ensuring they obtain the maximum benefit from their efforts in travelling to acquire knowledge.
We don’t believe in rushing students or superficial learning, rather we are interested in being able to produce students that are able to retain what they learned and achieve a thorough grounding in all aspects of the Arabic language.

All students are given the maximum attention and assistance possible by our friendly and helpful staff, who will assist you with anything you may require and all your individual needs in order to make both the learning process, and your individual learning adventure as fruitful and beneficial as possible.