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  • How class

    This is a video course via Skype, you are alone (e) with your teacher (s) unless you take courses at two or three with still only one man or woman teacher.

  • During what language if I am totally beginner?

    The course will be only in Arabic even if you do not know any word in Arabic, it is recognized that the best way to teach a foreign language is not to go through an intermediate language, our teachers are teachers and have years of experience, know that for many years it is this method that has enabled many students to learn the Arabic language, so do not worry you'll get there like thousands before you insha Allah.

  • How to pay tuition fees?

    You have several ways:
    - Direct bank transfer: AlBarka Bank Istanbul
    - Western union
    - Paypal Email

  • How to get homework?

    Some will be audio and other written.

  • What hardware should I have?

    A computer, a microphone and an Arabic keyboard or simply sticks to stick on your keyboard.

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