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Obtain the knowledge from the comfort of your own home. Study from anywhere in the world at the times that suit you best.
Take a free one hour trial class and choose from a variety of available programs. Our established online teaching section (For Arabic & Quaran ) gives students who would not normally be able to travel the opportunity to seek knowledge and the ability to benefit from our experienced and knowledgeable teachers.
Certification is provided for all students on completion of their studies. We have tried and tested structured programs and teaching syllabus specially designed for non native speakers on-line.
Our professional and friendly online administration team are always ready to help you with all your inquiries and any difficulties you may encounter.

Private lessons : $ 8.50 per hour (If registered for 15 hours)
$ 7.50 per hour (If registered for 30 hours)
$ 6.50 per hour (if registered for 60 hours) + 2 free hours of Quaran
2-on-1 lessons: $ 6.00 per hour per person
3-on-1 lessons: $ 4.50 per hour per person
Enrollment & Registration (one time) fee: $ 13.00
Please note: Special prices may apply for courses not listed on our normal teaching syllabus.


1. Paypal:
Please send to: Money@qortoba.net
2. payza:
bank transfer: AlBarka Bank Istanbul
Name: Tarek Ali Mohammad Alnawwam
Please send to: info@qortoba.net
Tarek Alnawwam
For more information please visit
Note that you can pay in sterling via Payza.
3. Western union:
Please send to "Ebtesam Muhammed Hantsh" Egypt- Cairo
4. Direct bank transfer:
bank transfer: AlBarka Bank Istanbul
Name: Tarek Ali Mohammad Alnawwam
bank account: 2053551-1
I BAN: TR55 0020 3000 0205 3551 0000 01
Swift code: BTFHTRIS
— (A transfer fee of about $14.00 may apply).
5. MoneyGram:
Please send to: Tarek Ali Mohammad Alnawwam
Istanbul- Turkey
To know the estimate fee for sending money to us please click here


The receipt of funds may take some time , please give an adequate amount of time between sending payment and the start date of your class as you will not be able to begin your studies til payment is cleared and confirmed.
All/any transfer / wiring / conversion fees associated with the process of sending any costs/fees to “Qortoba”, are to be paid by the student.

Payza – Payment Platform:
With Payza, It’s fast and secure to shop, send , and receive Money
Shopping online is easer using the Payza Online Payment Platform.
With Payza e-wallet, you can send and receive money from anywhere, instantly.


Online classes are offered via MSN Messenger or Skype.
You can download both programs here:
– Female students are taught by female teachers and male students are taught by male teachers.
– Students are given a placement test to assess their proficiency level prior to the start of class.
– Class times are negotiable according to the shedule of both the teacher and the student.
– Students can either download books or request QIAS to ship them (Shipping & Handling fees may apply).
– Online classes are also available for those students who would like to resume classes from their home countries after finishing their studies on-site at QIAS in Egypt.


Online Tajweed/Tahfeedhul-Qur’aan Program with Ijaazah.
QIAS is now offering two different online programs for students interested in memorizing the Qur’aan.

Recitation via Repetition:

In this program, students recite the Qur’aan via repitition of their instructor only. Recitiation/pronunciation will be corrected while the student is reciting, however, detailed tajweed rules as well as rules regarding makhaarij of huroof are not taught in this program. Students who enroll in this program are not required to have detailed knowledge of the Arabic language as they will simply be repeating after their instructor.

Recitation via Repetition and Detailed Tajweed Lessons:

In this program, students recite the Qur’aan via repitition of their instructor alongside learning tajweed rules in detail. Students who enroll in this program are required to have an intermediate understanding of the Arabic language as Tajweed lessons will be taught in Arabic.
Qortoba’s Qur’aan instructors have ijaazah in Hafs. Prices for the online Qur’aan program are the same as prices for general online classes Same registration, absentee and payment policies apply (See below).

For more details:

Please contact us directly for more information:
: studyingonline@qortoba.net
: Qortoba.support