Quaran Courses

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1). Islamic Studies :
We offer Islamic studies course in Arabic at all branches and online as well.
we have just started Islamic studies classes in the English language in our cairo and Alexandria branch. All Islamic studies classes are taught by those upon correct methodology, familiar with the subject material and from authentic and recognized sources.
2). Tajweed and Tahfeez Al-Quaran Program:
The Tajweed and Tahfeethul-Quaran Program teaches the rules of reciting and memorizing the Quaran. Our Quaran teachers have memorised the entire Quaran and have ijaaza certification. We are also in a position to offer ijaaza certification to those students who wish to stay with us in order to finish and be certified in the Quaran.


Available for approved Students.
Please email us with a little about yourself and why you think you deserve a scholarship to be submitted for approval