Egyptian Colloquial Arabic  The Egyptian Colloquial Arabic Program is known as “Ammiyya”, it is the language used by Egyptians in their day
to day lives.It aims to provide students with the skills to interact with the local Arab people by learning the Egyptian Arabic dialect.

So when you learn Colloquial Arabic you will be able to communicate with the native speakers in Egypt or any other Arab country. You will be able to
get around any Arabic speaking country easily and without help from anyone.

Arabic speakers are not just in the Middle East, but rather dispersed throughout the world. Arabic countries such as Saudi Arabia and The United
Arab Emirates are now desirable locations for international corporations seeking multilingual job applicants.

So it is important to learn Egyptian Colloquial Arabic as it is the most commonly spoken dialect in the Arabic speaking world.
It is  understandable, clear and an easy dialect to learn, so you will be able to communicate with anyone from the Arab world.

The course focuses on oral communication, listening and cultural skills. These skills will be developed through situational discussions and dialogues.

The course is intense and you will be studying with a professional native instructor. This will help you advance quickly and communicate with
people in Arabic sooner rather than later.

Qortoba has 4 levels for the Egyptian Colloquial Arabic course. The course is suitable for beginners or for those with a fair knowledge of Arabic language.

By the end of the four levels you will be able to express yourself and exchange points of views fluently, you will be able to have conversations
on a different topics that are related to social life in Egypt, and also you will be able to recognise the culture aspects of social life in Egypt.

These are some of the books we use:
( klmny Araby ) which is the same of book in AUC
( Let’s Chat in Arabic ).
( Klmny Araby Beshwish ).