First:- Matn Tohfat Al- Atfal (متن تحفة الأطفال);-
It is created by sheik Gamzory, he wrote in a poetic way to be easy for students to memorize it. It was named like that because it is easily for children and adults to chant it.
It includes three main rules of Quranic recitation: the non- voweled Nun (النون الساكنة) The lengthening rule (المدود), the nunation (التنوين)
The student wants to study this matn should have finished the fourth level of the Arabic course, also he should have knowledge about Tajweed rules.
The fees for Matn Tohfat Al- Atfal is only $120. 

Second:-Matn el Jazeria (متن الجزرية);- 
It is created by sheik shams el –Dein el-jazery, he wrote in a special way to be studied easily. It was named like that attributed to who wrote it –
Sheik El- Jazery.It includes almost all the main rules of Quranic recitation: such as the pronunciation of letters.

There is two options offered by Qortoba:-
Desc                                           Explanation                                                                       Memorizing
Studying hours                      50 hours approximately                                                   From 20 to 25 hours
$300                                                                                      $150
                             Finished the fifth level of Arabic course                    Finished the fourth  level ofArabic course                                                                                                                                                                                            
The student want to study this Matn should have knowledge about the Tajweed rules.