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Qortoba Arabic Courses

Qortoba institute offers the best Arabic language program online. You can learn and Speak Arabic easily when you enroll in any of our programs:

1) The Modern standard Arabic
The Modern standard Arabic (MSA) or fuṣḥā is the common language between all Arabic speaking countries and students are highly encouraged to learn it in its original Arabic form. It can be written and spoken without a difference between the written and the spoken form.
2) The Arabic Conversation program
Conversation is the most important part of the Arabic language because it’s the result of what the student studied; words, grammar, etc.

The program contains mastering the skills of reading and writing Arabic alphabets, how to write a sentence in Arabic and speaking exercises to enable the students to express themselves through the 4 levels of the program,

We also use free expression, images and audio stories in all stages.
3) Colloquial Arabic Program
The Colloquial Arabic Program “Ammiyya” focuses on speaking the local Arabic Egyptian dialect. This Egyptian dialect is one of the most commonly spoken dialects in the Arabic-speaking world.

These are some of the books we use:
( klmny Araby ) which is the same of book in AUC
( Let’s Chat in Arabic ).
( Klmny Araby Beshwish ).

Qortoba has 4 levels for Egyptian Colloquial Arabic .
4) Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud University Program
The Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud University Program utilizes Islamic texts as its core material. A studentwho chooses this program benefits from the correlation between new Arabic vocabulary/grammar and Islamic themes and terminology.
This integrated system of learning Arabic via Islam is ideal for Muslim students seeking an Islam-based Arabic curriculum as well as non-Muslims who wish to learn about Islam.
5) Al-Kitab al-Asasi Program (12 Levels)
Al Kitab Al-Asasi Program utilizes short, fictional stories based upon routine life situations (i.e. traveling, dining out, visiting the doctor, etc.) to familiarize students with Arabic phrases and grammatical structures that are commonly used in day-to-day living.

This program is ideal for students who wish to focus on the usage of Arabic in conversational and interpersonal settings due to the textual focus on worldly affairs.
6) Al-Arabia Bayan Adak
This series is designed for the non-Arab speaking, senior level student. It helps the student learn Arabic through listening and conversation along with reading and writing. The series stresses communication and also offers glimpses into the Arabic culture, both Islamic and national.


Students are able to choose the program they feel is best suited to their needs, programs can also be combined and teachers within all programs endeavour to draw on whatever sources they feel are best suited to the learning objectives of the student. At Qortoba we believe it is essential to focus on all aspects on learning the Arabic language. As a result ,of this our students are able to be firmly grounded in grammar, conversation, writing, reading and all the different integral parts of absorbing a language. Students are also able to request to be taught any book or program they feel they would prefer, please inquire with our different centres to discuss your own individual needs.

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