How to boost your Arabic language with Qortoba?

The Arabic language is very important in the Arab culture, heritage, and literature because it is part of the Arab civilization. The following points summarize the importance of the Arabic language:

Arabic is one of the most important humanity languages, that has preserved its linguistic and grammatical history since ancient times.

Arabic is the language of many people and tribes.

The Arabic language is the language of Islam, the Quran, and the prophetic Hadiths, and this has contributed to enhancing its value and prestige among Arabs and Muslims.

The Arabic language contributed to rising of many civilizations, especially the European ones, which encouraged the Europeans to learn and understand them to identify their characters and words.

Arabic has a linguistic peculiarity that makes it distinct from other world languages, which appear in its statement and clarity of vocabulary.

Many linguistic words in Semitic languages use words of Arab origin, which have contributed to the enhancement of rapprochement between Arabic and other world languages.

Characteristics of the Arabic language:

Arabic is distinguished from all other international languages with a range of characteristics:

The sounds are among the main features of the Arabic language. The pronunciation system is one of the most important systems of linguistic speech. It uses the tongue and the throat to pronounce letters and words based on their voices. The sounds in Arabic are divided into a group of sections.

Vocabulary: The words that make up the Arabic language, and classifies the lexicon in which it is one of the most vocabulary rich vocabulary and structures; contains more than a million words. The original vocabulary in Arabic is a triangular root of the other words, and the single root of the word produces many words and vocabulary.

Pronunciation (alllfz) is the way in which the words of the Arabic language are pronounced. Words are pronounced using the linguistic movements. The pronunciation of each word depends on the nature of its formation, the movements written in the letters, and the word includes the special spelling in the letters, which is learned by everyone who wants to learn Arabic, so easy to understand and deal with the words and sentences correctly.

Alssirf is the method associated with vocabulary. It depends on the system of the roots of the words, which are often triangular, sometimes four-part.

 Arabic distinguishes from many other languages with their own word form. Collection, and other methods used by the Arabic language in the classification of words

Grammar: the basis of the sentence in the Arabic language.

the Arabic sentences are divided into two types: the nominal sentence and the actual sentence. Each of these sentences bases and grammatical rules should be used in writing and formulation to contribute to the transfer of ideas of their own, the use of a set of tools that connect the sentences, and many other means that maintain the integrity of the building; therefore, the Arabic language is classified as one of the languages that maintain a grammar system of its own, and helps to express sentences and ways to write.

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