Why Qortoba Institute for Arabic Studies


Because … simply we care about the service we provide our students :)

Qortoba Institute has a diverse collection of courses and classes to study the Arabic language, Al Quran, Tajweed and Tahfeez Al Quran, Islamic studies, and conversational Arabic. You can easily pick the choice that suits you.

Our teachers are perfect in what they do.

We employ the best and recent methods in teaching the Arabic Language and Quran.

We go to great lengths to ensure that our Non-Arabic students have only the best teaching experience in any of our courses (Arabic and Quran).

Our teachers are highly qualified, experienced, motivated, and target driven. Our teams are determined to give their best to every student in every lesson.

Balance in providing students with reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.

Our teams are available around the day for your support and help.

Specialized managers and supervisions follow-up with the students to ascertain the level of services provided and ensure their satisfaction.

Specialized courses in conversation.

We are very happy with our students’ comments and testimonies about their experience with Qortoba Institute for Arabic Studies.

Check out what our students are saying about our courses, material, methods, admin team and teaching team.

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