What Our Students Say About Our Arabic Courses and Quran Classes

Qortoba Institute for Arabic Studies always provides its students with the best service.
We are not only keen to provide the best Arabic and Quran courses but also we care about the experience we provide our students.

Quality and caring are highly important to us, either in choosing our teachers, courses, materials, or technologies.

That's why we always get the best feedback from our students.
Nothing makes us as happy as sincere testimonies from our students.

Here is what one of our students say about Qortoba ... she really makes our day!

"I have been studying Arabic with Qortoba Institute for a number of years. After seeing my progress, I enrolled my children too. The teachers are native Arabs and have a good level of experience in teaching. I am very happy with the quality of teaching at Qortoba, they really focus on making students excel in the Arabic language. 
I would definitely recommend Qortoba for learning the Arabic language.", Maria - UK

Our vision is to increase and expand the usage and understanding of the Arabic language on a global scale. We aim to achieve this by not only delivering a very high standard of instruction to our students and ensure they have an excellent grounding in all aspects of the Arabic language.

"It's good and organized. Customer service is very good. We are kept in touch regularly. Easy to manage with people. I have had experience with two teachers. Teacher Azza was very good. Firm and focused. Teacher Zainab was very good too. Her style was more relaxed though. And that is ok. Everybody has a different personality. So far I am very happy with the Institute. Jazak Allah khair.
I will get in touch with you when I can start my classes again.", Sarah Tajammul

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