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As-Salamu Alaykum,

Many of our students have been asking us to refer QIAS to their friends and family. 

Here is a glimpse about QIAS services and way of teaching ...

You can learn the Arabic language online with one of the best Arabic Language Institutes for Non-Arabic speakers.
With our professional teachers, material, and advanced techniques, you will be able to write, read, and understand the Arabic language in almost no time.

To non-Arabic Muslims, Qortoba institute provides Quran classes (Tajweed and Tahfeez Al Quran), and Islamic studies.
You will find no more hassle in learning and understanding Quran.

If you are just interested in the Arabic language or visiting one of the Arabic countries, Qortoba Institute provides conversational courses in the Arabic language.
With our native speaker teachers, you will be able to comprehend the Arabic language and speak like a native.

Why students prefer to learn with us ...

Our teachers are highly experienced, qualified, motivated and target driven, determined to give their very best to every student in every lesson.

Students are given the maximum attention and assistance possible by our friendly and helpful staff.

One-to-one sessions either for Arabic courses or Quran classes, using an easy-to-use, online whiteboard applications to provide an integrated learning platform and quality classes.

Very flexible schedules to suit you wherever you are.

Free trial sessions.

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