Media and Politics in Arabic

Are you interested in Media or politics? If you are interested in Politics and need to have a wider understanding of politics in the Arabic area, or want to write an article to Arabic audience.  

Qortoba Institute is offering its Arabic Courses for Specific Purposes – ACSP

Arabic for Specific Purposes (ACSP) courses are designed to meet the needs of advanced learners. With Qortoba ACSP courses, students can choose an area of specialization specific to their language goals.

Qortoba ACSP courses are geared towards language mastery and maintenance. The courses are ideal for Intermediate-High through Advanced learners.  

The course includes: 

- Media in the Arabic language
- Politics in the Arabic Language

This course introduces students to the special language used in Arabic media and politics, the program covers the diverse media and politics platforms and topics in the Arab world. Students will be equipped with the special vocabulary and jargon used for discussing them in the media.
Special emphasis is placed on the language used to describe politics and how it is used in caricature, slogans, propaganda, and banners. 

This is the place to be if you want to acknowledge the Arabic terminology in those fields.
We can teach you Media and Politics in Arabic … And you will address the Arabic audience in no time.

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