How to Get Ijazah certificate in Quran online? 

The meaning of Ijazah in Quran is to have a certificate from a sheikh who has Ijazah certificate to read Quran by heart with Tajweed and perfect narration. Qortoba Institute for Arabic Studies provides Muslim students courses to earn their Ijazah certificate.

In this course:
• The students get a trial session to estimate their level
• Learn to read Quran in a correct way with Tajweed and recitation
• At the end, you can get Ijazah certificate for the whole Quran or only two chapters (Juz’a)
• The certificate gives you the authority to teach

Who can join this course?
Tajweed and Tahfeez Al Quran course is for individuals who have already learned the rules of reciting and Tajweed.
On completion, the student will be awarded Ijazah certificate to teach.
The course is open to all Muslims. Anyone can join.
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Benefits of course:-
• You will have an Ijazah certificate in Quran (all chapters or just two chapters (Juz’a)).
• The certificate enables you to teach the chapters you have passed to others.

Course prices:
• The Ijazah certificate in all chapters of Al Quran is £ 398 instead of £480.
• The Ijazah certificate in two chapters (Juz’a ) is £60 instead of £80.

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