Student of knowledge Offer in the Arabic language

Student of knowledge Offer in the Arabic language.
For all our sisters and brothers Qortoba Institute is pleased to present a special offer of the Arabic language course for the student of knowledge
Study 90 hours of Arabic with the best group of specialized professors online with Qortoba institute.

In this course:
• The students will receive a trial session to determine their level.
• Register for 2 levels of Arabic.
• At the end you can get the certification in the two levels of the Arabic language.

Who can join this course?
The Arabic language course is available for individuals of all levels in the Arabic language, beginners are included
Anyone can join! Contact us for details

Benefits of course:-
• Get the certification in the Arabic language.
• Study for 90 hours approximately for 6 months.
• Flexibility in choosing the appropriate study hours for the student

Course prices:
495$ = €468  = £397

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