Kids Courses

It is the responsibility of each parent to give the proper rearing (tarbiyah) to their children. We must cultivate them upon a sound and correct Islamic education that will allow them to be productive members of society and beneficial to the Ummah.

As Muslim parents we are always searching for the best way to educate our kids. Most of us aren't equipped to teach the Quran or Arabic to our children.

At Qortoba, we care about providing the best education for kids starting from the age five. We teach them the Arabic language and the Quran using the best teaching methods. Our professional teachers care passionately about the development of Muslim children.

Teaching kids also means teaching parents. Parents must know how to educate themselves and their children. We give useful instruction to parents on how to teach their children Quran, the right age to start and what method works best for children.

Kids syllabus

- The demand from parents to teach their children Arabic language has increased.
- In order to answer this demand Qortoba Institute for Arabic Studies has adopted the Al Madina syllabus for Kids
- The kid’s syllabus that will be taught in Qortoba institute for Arabic studies is a group of Al- Madina books special for teaching Arabic to non- native       speakers.
- Al- Madina syllabus for kids is a special course for kids between the ages of 5 to 12.
- The syllabus consists of seven books, each book is divided into ten levels and
  each level takes around 50 hours .
- These 50 hours are divided as following :-

    40 hours: Book studying.
    10 hours: Studying tools such as games, coloring, pictures, oral expressions, conversations and videos

All of these tools are useful in helping the young student maintain their focus and progress throughout the lesson.
- There is an exam after studying 25 hours, and another one at the end of the 50 hours.
- These exams are for the evaluation of the student and making sure that everything which has been taught has been understood.
- In order for the student to move to the next level they must get at least 60 % of the total grade.

Item                                                       Points
Mid-level exam                                     40
Final exam                                              80
Activities and home works                  20
Attendance and Discipline                  20
Total                                                      160

The following is an example of Al- Madina book level 1 :-