QORTOBA is one of the most professional institutes which helps you to study Arabic and Quran ONLINE.

In our commitment to spreading knowledge of the Arabic language, Qortoba Institute for Arabic Studies (QIAS) has designed an online Arabic language program to accommodate students who would like to study from the comfort of their own homes and/or are not able to travel abroad.

Arabic Courses:-

The Modern standard Arabic :-
It is the common language between all Arabic speaking countries

Al-Arabia Bayan Yadek ( main program);-
It helps the student learn Arabic through listening and conversation along with reading and writing.

The Arabic Conversation program :-
How to write a sentence in Arabic and speaking exercises to enable the students to express themselves.

Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud University Program:-
The Program utilizes Islamic texts as its core material.
Mix between new Arabic vocabulary/grammar and Islamic themes and terminology.

Al-Kitab al-Asasi Program :-
It utilizes short, fictional stories based upon routine life situations

Arabic for specific purposes( media & politics):-
This course introduces students to the special language used in Arabic media and politics.

Colloquial Arabic Program:-
Ammiyya” program focuses on speaking the local Arabic Egyptian dialect

Also, Qortoba Institute offers two different Online Programs for students interested in Memorizing Al Quran:-
Quran Recitation via Repetition.
Quran Recitation via Repetition and detailed TAJWEED lessons.
Quran lijaazah

All online courses are taught with highly professional teachers, able to deliver the right and correct knowledge in a simple way. All online classes are taught by those upon correct methodology, familiar with the subject material and from authentic and recognized sources.