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Qortoba Quaran Courses

At Qortoba we are committed to passing the baton of language mastery from student to master

1) Tajweed and Tahfiz Quran Program:
QIAS offers two different online programs for students interested in memorizing the Quran.
In this program, students recite Quran via repetition in front of their teacher only. Recitation and pronunciation will be corrected while the student reciting, As well, Tajweed rules.
Students who enroll in this program are not required to have detailed knowledge of the Arabic language as they will simply be repeating after their instructor.

Students recite Quran via repetition in front of their teacher alongside learning Tajweed rules in detail.
Students who enroll in this program are required to have an intermediate understanding of the Arabic language as Tajweed lessons will be taught in Arabic.
Our Quran teachers have memorized the entire Quran and have Ijazah certification. We're also in a position to offer Ijazah certification to those students who wish to stay with us in order to finish and be certified in the Quran.
2) Islamic Studies:
We offer Islamic studies courses in Arabic at all branches and online as well.
We have just started Islamic studies classes in the English language in our Cairo and Alexandria branch. All Islamic studies classes are taught by those upon correct methodology, familiar with the subject material and from authentic and recognized sources.

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