Seasonal Programs

Arabic Summer Program in Egypt

As Qortoba cares about its students, we designed a special program for them that will make learning more fun.

Afterlong time of thinking and lots of ideas we reached the solution, What do you think it is?!!!
It’s our” Seasonal Program In Egypt “

Here is a short brief about our program:
As, we believe that studying is very important especially the studying of Arabic as it is one of the most important languages all over the world and studying of Quran is the most important thing for Muslims .

We created this program to make studying more enjoyable and eliminate any boring part of studying and this by changing the place of studying , meet new people , visit new places , live in a different atmosphere and do activates .

So students will learn two important subjects and will do some activities and also will visit touristic sites in Egypt

By the end of the program, students will achieve the following :-

  • - Learn Arabic fusha.
  • - Earn conversation skills.
  • - Learn Quran rules “ tajweed “.
  • - Visit Egypt and its touristic places.
  • - Have fun by doing some activites.
  • - Meet new people.
  • Let's have a look on our summer program:-
  • Place

    Cairo – Egypt


    4 weeks


    Monday  - 1st of July 2019


    Tuesday – 30th of July 2019


    In a double room with AC or Fans, include utilities

    Registration fee

    USD 40 (test – books – certification)

    Subjects of Course

    Arabic language (Fus-ha) – conversation- Tajweed

    Hours of course

    95 hours

    Daily studying hours

    5 hours (Each hour includes 10 minutes break )


    Leisure activities and trips to popular tourist attractions & historical sites with extra fees

    Cost of the program

    USD 498 excluded airfare tickets and accommodation


• The cost of the Summer Arabic program in Cairo excludes airfare tickets, accommodation and registration fees.
• No minimum student requirement (classes will begin with 1 student in the level).
• Classes include data show presentations and computer facilities.
• More than 40% of classes will be concentrated on improving conversational skills.
• Studying consists of 5 hours per day, 5 days per week divided as follows:

Duration                                                                  Subject
2 hours & 30 minutes                                          Arabic
30 minutes                                                          Tajweed
1 hour                                                                conversation

• Also, there is 50 mintus break betwen classes.
• If you are not interested in Tajweed class, you can replace it with Arabic class.
• Accommodation cost per person ranges from USD 200 to USD 300 for the whole month.
• You can enjoy 3 Tourism trips in Egypt for only USD 30 per trip (2 trips in cairo , 1 trip in alexandria).
• Student could expand his studying after 30 of July with cost of USD 125 per week for classes.

Please also note that:-
• There are special prices for groups
• if you are a family , you will not just have special prices,Also you can have your own apartment.
• The family apartment’s cost will range from USD 350 to USD 600 for the whole month.

• For registration:

For more details:

Please contact us directly for more information:
: Qortoba16
  & Whats App: +201140818185