Our teachers

Our teachers are experts at what they do. We go to great lengths to ensure you have only the best teaching instructors at your disposal during and throughout your time with us. Our teachers are highly experienced, qualified, motivated and target driven, determined to give their very best to every student in every lesson.
Depending on both tried and tested traditional approaches as well as modern research and advanced methods, our teaching staff are empowered to make it as easy as possible for you to achieve the highest level you desire during your time with us and really get to grips with the Arabic language.

Our students

Our students are not just seen as mere customers. All our students are a vital component in achieving our goals.
The most important part of Qortoba is our students and ensuring they obtain the maximum benefit from their efforts in travelling to acquire knowledge either in the Arabic Language, Quran or Islamic Studies.
We don’t believe in rushing students or superficial learning, rather we are interested in being able to produce students that are able to retain what they learned and achieve a thorough grounding in all aspects of the Arabic language.

All students are given the maximum attention and assistance possible by our friendly and helpful staff, who will assist you with anything you may require and all your individual needs in order to make both the learning process, and your individual learning adventure as fruitful and beneficial as possible.