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Our teachers are experts at what they do, we go to great lengths to ensure you have only the best teaching instructors at your disposal during and throughout your time with us, our teachers are highly experienced, qualified, motivated and target driven, determined to give their very best with every student in every lesson. […]

How students see QIAS?

  • wa alaikum as salaam I started using Qortoba when my brother recommended it. At first I used it because it was more convenient than driving 3 days a week there and back for Quran lessons. Now I am very pleased with not only the teaching but also the administration side who deal with any of my queries quickly and in a truly Islamic manner, mashalla. Both of my children have been reciting Quran with Qortoba on and off for about 2 years. I am very pleased with the effect it has had not only on improving their recitation, especially my son's, but also on the Islamic ettiquette that the teachers are passing down. May Allah bless the teachers , staff and all involved in running Al Qortoba, and may He place barakah into your work. Allah knows best

  • For the past five years I have attempted to study at various places, including the US, Saudi Arabia and Egypt . The program at Qortoba has proven to be the most organized, gradual, and productive. I'm extremely satisfied with what I have studied so far. I highly recommend brothers/sisters to take a minimum of 6 months break from the rat race of daily life to come and jump start their knowledge about the language. Many people have tons of questions about the conditions of living, cost, etc. However it’s not very difficult to get adjusted here. Put your trust in Allaah.

  • Honestly speaking about my daughter and I enjoy your classes. You are a great teacher Mashallah. You are professional, dedicated and put a lot of effort into the classes. I am amazed at how much my daughter has learnt already in this short time Alhamdulillah. I have also learnt a lot myself. JazakAllah Khair for all your hard work. The admin team provides a great service. They deal with my issue quickly. The institute is also great and I always recommended it to many friends and family. May Allah reward the teachers and the entire team of Qortoba abundantly. Ameen

  • QIAS is one of the best institutions in Egypt for those who really want to understand Islaamic teachings through the Qur'aanic language itself. Before QIAS, I could not even understand, read or speak the Arabic language, after studying approximately four months at QIAS, everything changed. I'm able to have conversations and understand quite a lot of what I'm reading, especially in the Holy Qur'aan and Hadiyth. The combination of an excellent Arabic curriculum from Ibn Saud University and professional lectures attached my heart to Qortoba. JazakumAllaahu khaiyr

  • During my time at QIAS I devoted myself to studying the Holy Quran, Arabic Grammar, Morphology, Rhetoric and various other Islamic subjects including Islamic Jurisprudence. Furthermore, my teacher played an immense role in conveying detailed subjects in a digestible manner which bridged the gap between myself and classical books. In conclusion, QIAS is a fantastic centre for learning and more importantly very flexible as it caters for individual requirements productively.

  • I came to Qortoba Institute with no background in Arabic. I could not write or read the language, nor did I have any prior understanding of anything related to it. after 3 weeks, I am very comfortable with the alphabet, I know how to ask basic questions, my writing isn't great but I can write clearly enough to make myself understood, and I've learnt a lot of words. If you want a really intense (hard work for sure) but beneficial experience, I would highly recommend QIAS

  • I was always interested in studying Arabic. Allaah blessed me with the opportunity to study at Qortoba. The method of teaching and the books used was very good. Allowing the student to choose the books that they prefer to study is also very great. We have just completed a level and I have learned a lot more than I expected to learn in one month. I really enjoy studying Arabic and having a good teacher makes it even better. Thank you Qortoba keep up the good work.

  • What I like about the studies at Qortoba is the complete freedom you have to study what you want – after completing the beginner levels. After finishing the first Kitabul Asasee book I decided I didn't want to complete that program and jumped to the Ibn Saud course and because within the Ibn Saud program there are more than a dozen books you can choose to study from, like Hadiyth, Qur'aan, and even Fiqh. I'm able to study Arabic in the context that I prefer.

  • It's good and organized. Customer service is very good. We are kept in touch regularly. Easy to manage with people. I have had experience with two teachers. Teacher Azza was very good. Firm and focused. Teacher Zainab was very good too. Her style was more relaxed though. And that is ok. Everybody has a different personality. So far I am very happy with the Institute. Jazak Allah khair. I will get in touch with you when I can start my classes again.

  • A huge part of my time in Egypt was spent studying at the Qortoba Institute when I came to Alexandria with my husband in 2006. Not only was I impressed by the teaching methodology, but also by the Islaamic atmosphere at the Institute itself. It is such a peaceful environment and all the people teaching and working here embody the Sunnah in their words and actions. It has been an amazingly unique experience and I would recommend QIAS to everyone.