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Qortoba Institute for Arabic learning and Studies

Qortoba institute for Arabic Studies (QIAS) is one of the most reputable institute in Egypt for non-native speakers all over the world to learn Arabic  and Quran online .

Qortoba institute is carefully selected for not only knowledge and experience but also interpersonal skills, offering students the best learning experience in any of its divisions; Quran reading , Arabic writing , and Arabic reading .

Enrolling in any of following Arabic programs : (Modern standard, Conversation and Colloquial Arabic ) enables you to speak Arabic fluently.
In addition we provide Arabic Summer program in both Egypt and Istanbul.
check all of details about our programs: 

Istanbul Summer Program 2020
Arabic Summer Program in Egypt

Take the evaluation Test before enrolling in any course .

IMPORTANT: All courses provided depend on your language level so According to   the evaluation test results ,  your level will be determined , Also  the number of levels you should take to complete the course will determine the price of the course

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qortoba institute - Arabic learning online

Magi – Canada

Hi, my name is Magi,

i took classes for a weeks with Ustatha Dina at Qortoba language school, I just want to say that she was a really great teacher, she helped me prepare for an exam that i had very last minute and i ended up passing the exam, so thanks to Ustaza Dina, i did well at the exam and she was a great teacher, she was good at helping me pronounce words which sometimes i have a problem with, she was skilled in teaching me grammer and new vocabulary words and very adoptable to my need.


qortoba institute - Arabic learning online


The trail class was wonderful
1. The teacher was amazing allahuma barrik she explained things very well and overall taught beautifully
2. I liked the topic and it made sense
3. I think it was suitable for me BarakAllahu feekum
Ferdous .

qortoba institute - Arabic learning online


My lesson was good which ustaath hasan he was perfect alhamdulillah, Please reward him extra

qortoba institute - Arabic learning online

Hassan Qasim


I have been asked to give feedback about ustaz Hassan Qasim. He is a fantastic teacher and very encouraging and positive. I honour him as he is a true lover of the Quran and Islam. He is my favourite teacher from past to present. Before him i had Ahmad Basala. I had trouble communicating with him as he had limited english. But ustaz Hassan speaks very good english. Ustaz Hassan is a great shaykh and i want to personally come to egypt to kiss his hand and receive my ijaza for being a hafiz in the future. I have nothing but words of praise for ustaz Hassan. May Allah give him the highest rank on the day of judgement and may he be admitted to jannatul firdaws. Amin. And may Allah reward all our efforts

qortoba institute - Arabic learning online

ruqayyah sheikh


Honestly speaking both my daughter and I enjoy your classes. You are a great teacher Mashallah.You are professional, dedicated and put alot of effort into the classes.

I am amazed at how much my daughter has learnt already in this short time Alhamdulillah. I have also learnt alot myself.

JazakAllah khair for all your hardwork.

The admin team provides a great service. They deal with my issues quickly. The institute is also great and I always recommend it to many friends and family. May Allah reward the teachers and the entire team of Qortoba abundantly. Ameen

qortoba institute - Arabic learning online



MashAllah I really like you as my teacher. The way you structure the lesson is really clear and easy to follow. Alhamdulillah i have learnt alot of arabic during our time together. Also you give me confidence to try and speak in arabic.

qortoba institute - Arabic learning online

Asiyah Rehan


Studying with Qortoba was one of the best decisions that I have ever made.I see an improvement within me already (not to boast) Alhamdulillah.The teacher is very qualified and well equipped with all the accessories required to conduct a beneficial class lasting an hour precisely. Yet she is also very polite and patient with me. I appreciate how each and every minute that I spend with her during that hour is made full use of.
الله يبارك فيها

I would also like to thank the qortoba support team for their prompt response and speedy assistance. Gives us a sense of security that’s hard to explain.

جزاك الله خيرا و بارك الله فيكم