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Qortoba Institute for Arabic learning and Studies

Qortoba institute for Arabic Studies (QIAS) is one of the most reputable institute in Egypt for non-native speakers all over the world to learn Arabic  and Quran online .

Qortoba institute is carefully selected for not only knowledge and experience but also interpersonal skills, offering students the best learning experience in any of its divisions; Quran reading , Arabic writing , and Arabic reading .

Enrolling in any of following Arabic programs : (Modern standard, Conversation and Colloquial Arabic ) enables you to speak Arabic fluently.
In addition we provide Arabic Summer program in both Egypt and Istanbul.
check all of details about our programs: 

Istanbul Summer Program 2020
Arabic Summer Program in Egypt

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Take the evaluation Test before enrolling in any course .

IMPORTANT: All courses provided depend on your language level so According to   the evaluation test results ,  your level will be determined , Also  the number of levels you should take to complete the course will determine the price of the course

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