How are online classes provided?

Our Institute uses the latest education technology in teaching the Arabic language for non-Arabic speakers. The same goes for teaching Quran programs.
For initial interaction and communication with students – either with the support team or the teaching team – we use Skype.
If you do not have the application, you can download it online for free.
One-to-one sessions are arranged for Arabic or Quran courses for the student and the teacher who is assigned to deliver the lessons.
Our virtual cl

If I am a total beginner, with which language the sessions are held?

Qortoba Institute for Arabic Studies has years of proven experience in the field of facilitating the acquisition of the Arabic language to students from all over the world.
Learning a new language is never by using an intermediate language, that is why our sessions are held in the Arabic language.
Qortoba Institute employ the latest, advanced ways in teaching Arabic language for non-Arabic speakers. We use online whiteboard applications with integrated learning tools, and advanced methods.

How can I pay the tuition fees?

We have several methods for payment that suits where you are, as follows:
– PayPal – Payza – Western union – MoneyGram – Direct bank transfer.

Payments can be made by any of the above methods.
See our online payment methods with all details here:
For any questions or more details, ask us here:

Will I be given some sort of homework? And how will I get it?

Yes, you will be given some homework or assignments.
Qortoba teachers will give you homework to make sure you practice until you meet again the next session, which helps in the student’s progress through the program.
Homework is given either written or oral (audio) for both Arabic and Quran classes.
However, our integrated learning platforms allow teachers to give homework or assignments and permit students to submit their answers in the applications.

What are the hardware/software requirements needed for the online session?

Qortoba Institute for Arabic studies does not require a certain level of hardware or software.
However, since the sessions are held online, we recommend the following hardware/software settings:
– A computer/laptop with a recent operating system, to be able to download the applications needed.
– A keyboard with Arabic alphabet, or simply Arabic alphabet stickers to stick on your keyboard.
– A good resource for the internet.
– Available microphone.
– A webcam is optional.

How much does it cost to get a certificate in Ijazah? How much does Tajweed and Tahfeez Al Quran program cost? How much does one level in learning the Arabic language cost?

You can review our prices, fees and payment methods for Arabic and Quran courses here:
These are applicable prices in most cases. However, if Qortoba Institute is having an offer for Arabic courses or Quran classes that is effective at that moment, our support team will gladly direct you towards this option.
They may even help you choose the best course that suits your requirements.

How many hours do I need to study the Arabic language?

Normally each level takes from 40 to 60 hours. This depends on the student’s starting level and his ability to absorb the language.
A test is given to the student before he starts to determine his level in the Arabic language and where to start with the courses.

How many hours do I need to get a certificate in Ijazah?

  • To get a certificate in Ijazah for the whole Quran (Full Ijazah) needs from 3 to 6 months. This depends on the student’s starting level and other factors like; how the student is committed to the schedule and his ability to study and retain the information given to him.

If I register for a certain number of hours, but was unable to finish all classes within this month, what will happen to the rest of my hours?

When you register for a certain number of hours, or for a specific course (with estimated number of hours), but you were – for any reason – unable to finish your hours within the month, the remaining hours or classes will be reserved and automatically moved to the next month till you have all the hours or courses you have registered for as agreed with support team.

Please note that our admin and support team are keen to provide you with the best experience ever, so whenever you feel you have

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