The best 7 ways to learn the Arabic language online with Qortoba

The Arabic language has become very important among the world languages, because it carried the greatest civilization, a great message, as well as being the language of Quran. Learning the Arabic language becomes necessary for social communication if one intend to travel to an Arabic-Speaking country.

1-Be aware that there are several types of Arabic (Modern Standard, Arabic Classical, etc.)

2-Realize the difference between language and dialect:
Some people will think they are clever speaking in different dialects. They are unaware of the importance of fluency in classical Arabic, as it is the basis of the Arab’s identity and must be cherished.

3-Learn the Arabic alphabet
The entrance to any language is through its letters. The Arabic language contains 28 letters. Some additional letters are used in Arabic when writing places, names, or foreign words containing sounds which do not occur in Standard Arabic, such as /p/ or /g/.

4-Learn about Arabic grammar

5- Meet other Arabic speakers and introduce yourself
Training will be tough, but you will find fun and challenging. After all, you will gain valuable experience and knowledge.

Read out loud in a secluded place, imagining that you are narrating in front of others with varying levels of knowledge.

7-Choose the best online Arabic course
In your first steps of learning Arabic, gaining access to the best recourses and institute will be in your best interest to master the language.

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